Our apartments are not meant to be used as a place for “recreational activities”, licentious practices or debauchery. This does not reflect our vision. Tenants must refrain from any practices or activities that contravene national laws, social standards, morality, and public decency. Such activities or practices are expressly forbidden within our premises.

Our minimal rental period is three (3) days.

Though your apartment or studio has a separate independent entrance and full spatial and functional autonomy; be aware that you are hosted by a family and there may be other tenants in other apartment units of the building. Be considerate and respectful of other guests and ensure that your behavior and actions do not create disturbance for other occupants and nearby residents.

Our goal is to offer you the best service and make your stay a positive and memorable experience. Adhering to these rules will contribute to achieving that goal.

Check in: Between 15 h – 22 h – Chek out: Before 12 h

Electricity costs are fully paid by the tenant:

An electronic console is available in the apartment and allows you to manage and control your electricity consumption at any time. The average daily electricity consumption for a one-bedroom apartment, with the use of one (1) air conditioner is about 1500 FCFA / day (€ 2.2) and about 650 FCFA (€1) without air conditioner.

Depending on the length of your stay, we will ask you to advance a deposit that will be refunded upon departure, after deduction of your electricity consumption.